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PT Sentina Arta Sumberdaya (SAS)

PTSAS is positioned as one of the key providers of crew management services in Indonesia. The company was ... Learn More

PT. Cemerlang Tunggal Intikarsa (CTI)

PT. Cemerlang Tunggal Intikarsa (CTI) Group telah beroperasi di Indonesia selama lebih dari 25 tahun dan telah ... Learn More

PT Meranti Magsaysay

Meranti Magsaysay is all about JOBS and TRAINING. We are about empowering people, training people, enhancing people and ... Learn More

PT. Sumber Bakat Insani, (SBI)

PT. Sumber Bakat Insani, (SBI) is a well-established manning agent in indonesia that has commitment to always enhance ... Learn More

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