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  PT Meranti Magsaysay

Meranti Magsaysay is all about JOBS and TRAINING. We are about empowering people, training people, enhancing people and preparing people to meet the challenges in the global hospitality, cruise and tourism industry and in shipping industry.
Combining expert teaching staff, modern facilities and equipment, a world-class hospitality and culinary training curriculum, MMI develops and enhances individuals with the proper skills and attitudes that would lead  them to a better future.

Our main office and campus are located in Graha Meranti, Jl Tanjung Karang No 5, Jakarta Pusat while our Recruitment Center is in Graha Bintang, Lt 2 Jl Talang Betutu No 5, Jakarta Pusal. Both are right in the city centre to provide easy access to our crew and students.

We also have a satellite office in Bali which caters to Indonesians living in the eastern side of the country. It is located in Istana Kuta Galeria, Jl Patih Jelantik, Blok Promenade III No 12A, Kuta.
In Meranti Magsayasy, there are NO INTERVIEW / PLACEMENT FEES and NO THIRD PARTIES.

VISION: A better Indonesia

MISSION: To deploy as many qualified professional Indonesians as possible to work overseas